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Pinto beans

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Spec.: 180-200, 200-220 220-240 240-260PCS/100g
defective beans:2%.max
light speckled kidney beans-long shape,h.p.s(200-220,220-240,240-260)
light speckled kidney beans-oval shape,h.p.s
light speckled kidney beans-round shape,h.p.s
red speckled kidney beans h.p.s
purple speckled kidney beans h.p.s
large white kidney beans,h.p.s(45-65/100g,65-75/100g,75-85/100g,85-95seeds/100g,95-110/100g)
big white kidney beans-long-shape(160-180seeds/100g,170-190seeds/100g)
bashake type white kidney beans(250-290/100g,300-330/100g)
japanese type white kidney beans(360-400/100g,400-450/100g)
navy white beans
dark red kidney beans,h.p.s(180-220seeds)
british red kidney beans
pure red kidney beans
american red kidney beans
guizhou red kidney beans
small red kidney beans
red small beans
purple kidney beans



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