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Frozen Yellow Peach sliced

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Composition: 100% Yellow peach
Variety: Guanwu / Golden boy cling style not free stone
Quality: Grade A, clean and healthy, no impurities, no foreign matter
Size: Length: 45mm~70mm, width: 15mm~30mm, thickness: 10mm~15mm
Size: Length < 45mm:max 10% by weight
Size: Length > 70mm: max 5% by weight
Size: Width < 15mm:max 5% by weight
Color: Typical original good golden color of raw yellow cling peach, less than 4% tolerance in discoloration, no pronounced greenish tints.
Brix: 6~8
PH: 3~3.5
Texture: Tender, free from signs of disintegration or fiber
Authenticity: The product is made from 100% natural, fresh and wholesome yellow cling peach of specified variety and is not modified in any way. GMO free
Flavor: Typical of yellow peach, free from off or objectionable flavors
Appearance: Free Flowing, With a 5 % tolerance for clumps which should be easily broken up
Shelf life:2 years



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